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Corrine in Santorini, Greece, 2018



Corrine Gosling, nee Brush, grew up reading any book she could get her hands on. Loving the fact that readers could get lost in different worlds and characters, led her to start acting at a young age. She eventually graduated with a BA in Theatre from The College of Wooster in Ohio. A few years later, she found her creative writing voice through editing other’s works, which led her to put her own pen to paper. Based on her love of classical literature and her love of animals, Sherlock and the Baskerville Beast came into existence.

 Corrine currently resides just outside of Washington DC with her husband and two Old English Sheepdogs, Sherlock and Adler.



For Children
2018 - Sherlock and the Baskerville Beast (Tiny Tree Publishing)
Coming in 2020 - New Untitled Book in the Sherlock Series… (Tiny Tree Publishing)

For Young Adults
Coming soon

For Adults
Coming soon



Publisher - Tiny Tree Books