100 in 365

I am a major bibliophile. Since a very young age I was always reading a book or asking my parents to buy me a new book. This passion has culminated in a very extensive home library, you can see my Facebook page for proof. I read all genres, but am partial to mysteries, thrillers, young adult (especially series books), and anything dealing with Greek mythology or history. This last love led me to write my own novel but that’s another story for another blog post.

I typically read about 30-40 books a year in the aforementioned genres and by authors of whom I am already a big fan. This got me thinking about all of the books I have missed out on reading because I usually limit myself to certain genres and authors (there is only so much time I can allow myself to stay in a bookstore)! I remember seeing a list of “100 Books to Read Before You Die” and became intrigued by the idea of reading these 100 books.

As I began looking, I realized there are many of these lists floating around and did not know which one to pick. After a day of extensive research, I came across a list that had already been compiled for me, made up of 8 lists that I had already looked at. You can find that list here https://medium.com/world-literature/creating-the-ultimate-list-100-books-to-read-before-you-die-45f1b722b2e5. Thank you Joel Patrick for doing the hard work for me!

This just so happened to be the list on which I have read the least amount of books; but will admit that I have already read 16. I have decided to test myself, broaden my horizons, and build upon my home library by reading 100 books in 1 year. My birthday just passed on July 9th, so what better way to start a new year than with a new challenge. Follow along with me as I start at 1 and read all the way to 100. First on the list: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Luckily I have already read this one and loved it in high school. That was easy. Moving on to Number 2: Catch-22 by Joseph Heller. Stay tuned…

- Corrine

Stephen Gosling